Hire the right people, faster

Enable collaborative recruiting

Connect recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers, and share candidate profiles and communications by using Dynamics 365 for Talent with LinkedIn Recruiter.

Boost win rates

Deliver an engaging candidate experience by allowing people to use their LinkedIn profile to apply for open roles and communicate through a portal that offers guidance and transparency every step of the way.

Accelerate time to hire

Reach top candidates by posting jobs to popular talent marketplaces, quickly creating a company career site to advertise open roles, and using signals from Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and HR systems to improve internal mobility.

Increase quality of hire

Empower hiring managers to take ownership of the selection process with visibility into candidate profiles, assessment tools, artificial intelligence recommendations, interviewer assignments, simplified interview scheduling, mobile feedback, and comprehensive offer management.


Set employees up for success

Elevate onboarding

Welcome new hires with personalized onboarding processes and checklists that streamline administrative tasks and help deliver a memorable first day experience.

Accelerate impact

Ensure employees have clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives to help them stay focused on impactful priorities with a centralized location for resources.

Establish key connections

Help employees settle in with campus maps, transportation options, and socialization opportunities that align new members with cross-functional teams.

Ensure success

Monitor progress along the way with an outline of key performance indicators, and provide opportunities for feedback. Replicate successful onboarding experiences by saving guides as templates for specific roles.


Develop and upskill your talent

Promote continuous learning

Track employee accomplishments, ensure completion of required certifications, and recommend additional training.

Tailor experiences by role

Drive the next best action for professional growth with role-tailored experiences that outline the skills and competencies that are required for advancement and promotion based on an employee’s current role.

Enable professional growth

Give employees the tools to drive their career path with the ability to maintain detailed profiles that outline experience, skills, and competencies.


Build a high-performance team

Facilitate employee feedback

Provide ongoing feedback and reward high performers by turning performance into two-way conversation between employees and managers.

Gain performance insights

View real-time performance dashboards, and track accomplishments. Offer visibility through performance journals, real-time feedback, and goal management.

Align performance assessments

Conduct collaborative performance reviews with the ability to offer feedback on active goals, rate role-level competencies, and create career path guides.


Drive operational excellence and impact

Maximize strategic impact

Improve business impact, and drive an agile, high-performance culture by automating routine HR tasks, such as benefits, compensation, and leave and absence, so your team can focus on strategic initiatives.

Centralize employee profiles

Create centralized employee profiles that highlight skills and experiences, using Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn data to get a 360-degree view of your people.

Minimize compliance risk

Get visibility across your global organization, and minimize compliance risk with simplified employee verification, worker accommodations, local regulation support, and health and safety requirements.

Manage people analytics

Get the right insights for the right action to improve your workforce planning. Reduce reporting complexities to transform, analyze, and visualize your people data in rich dashboards available on any device.